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British Poet Mr. Benjamin Zephaniah visited chenjiagou  

British Poet Mr. Benjamin Zephaniah visited chenjiagou

Author:Chenjiagou TJQ Gongfu School Source:Chenjiagou TJQ Gongfu School Time:2012/7/5 16:24:30


British Poet Mr. Benjamin Zephaniah visited our school to learn Chen Taiji on May, this had already his 3rd time coming here for improving Chen Taiji during the past 3 years.
Keenly interested in traditional Chinese culture, attracted by the heavy cultural foundation of Taiji, benefited from years practicing of Chen Taiji, more appreciate Taiji Grandmaster Mr. Chen Zhaosen on his great taiji skills and noble martial virtue, every year, Mr. Benjamin would taking some time, coming over to this well know small village – Chen Jia Gou, visiting Mr. Chen Zhaosen and learn taiji.
Very amiable and humor, with poetic romantic feelings, Mr. Benjamin especially loves children, During his stay in our school, he was invited to visit the Chenjiagou Primary School, interaction with pupils to celebrate the “International Children’s Day”, has an air of romantic and freedom in his gentle character, interaction with combination of Chinese and western ways, little actions warmed up the quite children, what a jolly time children had, He Nan Chenjiagou, A real and truly “ INTERNATIONAL Children’s Day” staged in this small remote village.
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