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We achieved remarkable results in Wen Town Championships  

We achieved remarkable results in Wen Town Championships

Author:Chenjiagou TJQ Gongfu School Source:Chenjiagou TJQ Gongfu School Time:2012/6/14 10:33:33

Wen Town Taijiqun Championships kicked off in Wen Town Taiji Wushu Stadium on April 29, 2012, Wen Town schools, Martail Arts students and Taiji enthusiasts from all over of the country and around the world token part into this competition. Our school students at different ages attended this competition as well and had achieved remarkable results, especially German students Robin, was perfectly showing the Classical Flavor of Chen Taiji in front of everyone, and toke the crown in one stroke, Mrs. Robin Elisa also had outstanding performance in the race, got first prize, won the honor for themselves and our school.

please refer to the link below about pictures regarding to the competition


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