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School's class time  

School's class time

Author:Chenjiagou TJQ Gongfu School Source:Chen zhaosen Time:2011/12/20 19:13:08

Our daily trainning and practice time are:

06:00am-07:30am: ,(adults free to select join in or not)

Morning Run, stretching, kicking, punching


30m' Stretching, kicking, Warm up body,

30-60m' Group Practice

60m' Teaching ,Training and Practice time, get to familiar with the movements you learned


30m' Stretching, kicking,Warm up body

60m' Group Practice

45m' Teaching,Training

45m' Practice, get to familiar with the movements you learned

After dinner:  

Free time, you can take rest or go on practice by yourself

Class time will be adjusted slightly according to the seasons.



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