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School Courses  

School Courses

Author:Chenjiagou TJQ Gongfu School Source:Chenjiagou TJQ Gongfu School Time:2011/12/11 16:03:27


Accomodation: RMB:60 per night, single room
Meal:               RMB: 20 Per day
Tuitions:          Charge by Forms, levels, short term or long term learning, for the details, pls contact school
English Instructor/translator:  charge extra, by hrs, long term learning will get discount, pls contact school for the details. 

Courses Setting:




A. By Levels:

Elementary:  By forms, basic learning, students personal select forms, or recommanded by school.

Intermediate: By forms, Tai ji posstures/movements correction and adjustment, movements application. Students personal select forms, or recommanded by school.

Senior: By forms, Dan Tian movements, Tai Ji actions combine with Qi.

B. By Months

Short Term Courses: 1-2 monthes

Long Term Courses: Quarterly; half year; yearly

C. By Forms:  Traditional Forms and Weapons

1. Chen’s way of Health Preservation
2. Chen Style Refined 26(Created by our Grandmaster -- Chen Zhaosen)

3. Chen Style 56 For Competition
4. Chen Style Laojia Yilu(Old Form 1)

5. Chen Style Xinjia Yilu(New Form 1)
6. Chen Style Laojia Erlu(Old Form 2)

7. Chen Style Xinjia Erlu(New Form 2)
8. Chen Style Hand-push

9. Chen Style Single Sword

10. Chen Style Twin Swords

11. Chen Style Single Blade

12. Chen Style Twin Blades

13. Chen’s Chunqiu Broadsword

14. Chen Style  Lihua Spear with Baiyuan Stick

15. Chen Style 13 Pole

16. Chen Style Free Push-hand

17. Long Term Courses(1 or more than 1 year)


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